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all you need is great advice

Do you want to make better take-offs / landings, go into the air with more peace of mind, or just perfect your technique? Often getting one spot-on piece of advice is enough to take your flying to the next level. We are happy to provide you with that and we have more than one tip for sure. We work with video analysis. A very accessible means of helping you learn, wherever you are. Helping you to work on the skills that make you an even better pilot.

Our approach and packages

You provide your video material, we analyze it and provide you with concrete and detailed advice to improve your take-offs or landings. You get a personal video response to be able to convey razor-sharp what you can improve.

We offer you three different packages, choose what suits you best! Contact us to order the package of your choice.

Alpha – get some great advice


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Bravo – discover patterns in your start

Charlie – including personal videocall

About the means video analysis

World class athletes in all disciplines have been filmed for decades to improve their performance. By looking at a movement step by step, it is possible to make a detailed analysis and to provide specific points for improvement.

During paragliding training, video analysis is sometimes also used, always to the satisfaction of students. We have noticed that there is a need for more depth than can be offered during an evening of watching videos during a course.

You may have been flying independently for some time. You sometimes share your videos with your flying buddies or even ask for feedback during your takeoff. In our experience, these advices often are similar to “doing well!” or “you just have to run faster” And if you are unlucky, you might get “yes, difficult wind,” followed by “luckily you are still alive, right?!”.

So, video analysis is useful for pilots of all levels. Have you just finished your first training days? Then there is still a lot to refine. Have you been flying cross country for years? Then probably bad habits have crept into your starting technique. Can you even still forward launch in zero wind?

You undoubtedly have video footage of yourself. Just check your mailbox, smartphone, tablet or PC. That material is not only fun to show to your friends, this file can be used as a wonderful learning tool!

ready for action?

Send an email to with a wetransfer or youtube link to your clip (s), your name and address and mention the package of your choice. You will then receive an invoice in return. We analyze your material and after receiving your payment you will receive an email with your personal video message with your suggestions for improvement.