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You feel flying is sometimes more stressful than it should be, congratulations on taking that important step! Realizing this is the case for you, at this moment in time, is a key step in flying again with a big smile! This stress can have several causes. We will work with you to find out what’s going on and provide you with tools to tackle this. We coach you specifically on your fears that you experience during your flying activities, so that flying (again) becomes fantastic fun.

We offer you various packages that lead to concrete results through a very personal approach. We believe in offering real added value to your flying career and thus to your life.


Our approach and packages

We work with a combination of personal conversations and remote coaching. This way we can really take a deepdive together while you remain flexible in your flight plans. We have different packages that are all preceded by a free “click-check”. Through this conversation we discover whether there is a click, because that is necessary for effective coaching. So you can decide in a completely non-binding way whether you want to be coached by Flightcoach!

All prices below are ex. 21% VAT.
For business owners under dutch tax law coaching usually is deductible.




Love more detail?
After the click-check, if we both agree coaching is the way to go for you, you decide what package suits you best. During the intake we take a closer look of what is going on in your situation. You will then receive an assignment to further elaborate on the situation at home. Depending on your chosen package, we will speak to each other several times during different coaching sessions. During those conversations we will find points that you can use while flying. Then the moment will come that you go flying, maybe you will join an organized trip, you have a training week or you will fly with your flying buddies. During that flying week (or separate days) you will receive a recorded relaxation exercise for each day, which you can listen to on your phone, this differs per package. These are exercises for the evening, for the morning and also very short ones that you want to listen to just before the start or perhaps in the air. During your flight week we have contact via Skype or telephone, so that we can also coach you on the spot. After your activity, we will meet to see which steps you have been able to take and if there is anything left that still needs adressing.con

Learn more about fear of flying

An estimated one-third of paragliding pilots experience excessive and unnecessary stress during one or more phases of flight. This leads to less fun, early termination of the sport, or in the worst case accidents. In paragliding we often speak of “healthy tension” which is normal when flying. That’s the tension that keeps you on your toes. Then there is unhealthy stress. We call this fear of flying and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Yet it is a taboo in our world. We are sometimes guided by well-meaning advice such as “you have to go through it!” or “everyone finds it exciting sometimes!” In practice, this is not so easy. Unfortunately, we do not know many success stories from people who have overcome their fear of flying.

There are several causes for unhealthy tension. Maybe you have experienced or seen an accident. Or you have experienced a situation where you lost control completely and just barely landed safely. But you can also think of major changes in your life, so that you suddenly view your passion for flying differently. Think of having children or losing a loved one. Well-meant advice or instructions can also lead to losing confidence in yourself. Sometimes there is no apparent cause; Also in commercial aviation it happens regularly that pilots suddenly become afraid of certain clouds, airports or maneuvers.

If you learn to paraglide at a professional school, it is done in a standardized way. This is to offer quality but also to be able to teach efficiently. At such a school there is room for individual interpretation and wishes. It is however difficult to pay specific attention to someone’s fear of flying in such a training program. What this particular student needs to get over it will be different from another student. This requires a considerable individual time investment from someone who has specific skills in that area. It must be a combination of flight instructor  and coach, but where do you find someone like that? Here!


Learn more about coaching

Coaching is a form of guidance that aims to help mentally healthy people change in a positive way. A coaching plan often consists of 3 to 10 conversations between coach and coached person (also known as coachee). The coach asks critical questions, listens carefully, offers new insights, mirrors your statements, inspires, motivates, helps you find and release limiting beliefs … just to name a few examples. The result of coaching can be life changing.

What will coaching bring you?

You increase self-awareness and your self-confidence
You have a lot of energy and fun before, during and after flying
You long to fly again
You will consciously enjoy what you see and experience
You get better and more genuine stories about your adventures
You can confidently make decisions during your flight
You are open again to further develop yourself as a pilot

When is coaching not (yet) suitable for you?

You are completely satisfied with your flying
You don’t want to free up time and energy for coaching
You are not (yet) ready to talk honestly about your feelings
You are an instructor and think that you can not have a fear of flying
You think that how you feel is the result of circumstances