Over four decades of combined aviation experience

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Bas van Duijn

Bas has 25 years of experience as a hanggliding and paragliding pilot and 8 years as instructor at various paragliding schools. In addition to teaching people how to fly, he has focused on creating and improving training programs for both groups and individuals. Challenging and empowering people is his life mission and in recent years he has been able to help many people with this both inside and outside the aviation world.

He was originally trained as an airline pilot at KLM, he reschooled as a business engineer specialised in organizational change because he loved with working on the people dynamics in large organizations. After almost 15 years of working as a consultant, project-, department-, and  commercial manager, skills training actor, coach and speaker, he started full-time entrepreneurship in 2018. In 2019 he was co-owner and full-time commercial director at one of Europe’s largest paragliding schools. 

He was a board member of the Royal Dutch Aviation Organisation (department of paragliding) for 4 years where he was end responsible for everything concerning the national theory exams. In 2020 he started flight coach.

His motto “Less stress, more skills” concisely summarizes what Flightcoach does. Here you can get a good feeling about who he is am and what he, as a coach, has to offer you.

Bas is responsible for the didactics and training design part of the simulator, services, marketing and operations.


Helping (P)PG pilots to enjoy flying more, through reduction of stress and improvement of skills

“Flying and learning to fly is a very powerful tool for personal development. I don’t know any other sport that is so confronting but also so empowering towards our daily life as as paragliding.

I am honored to be able to play an enriching role in the lives of people through a combination of my passion and talents.” 

Bas van Dujin

Aeronautical Engineer, Flight Dynamics specialist and Mad scientist.

Hans Joore

The simulator branch of Flightcoach is founded and run by Bas and Hans. Hans is a career aeronautical engineer, specialized in simulator development. He is an avid paraglider and one of the few gyrocopter pilots in the Netherlands. He also works as lead vehicle design and test pilot for a Dutch company bringing a flying car to the market. Fascinated with everything that flies, he is the brains behind the flight dynamics and hardware design of the Flightcoach VR Simulator.

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